Call/Text: (561) 220-8833

Call/Text: (561) 220-8833

Are you struggling with debt, budgeting, building your credit, or just general management of your incomings and outgoings?

You are not alone. I have seen it too many times to mention. I know the trouble financial difficulties and an unhealthy relationship ( with money ) can have on people. It can make every day feel like a living nightmare. Like you are dragging along a huge steel ball and chain.

Eliminated $7k in debt in just ONE MONTH...

"David sat down to meet with us in the beginning of January, fast forward to today we have not one but TWO credit cards paid off and one auto loan, totaling $7,000 of debt eliminated in just one month! From our informative and motivating meetings to our budget that was direct and easy to follow, we were able to grow financially as a couple and save quite some money! We both can’t wait to see where this financial journey takes us!

Thank you David and Financial Fitness Focus!"

• Vinny & Tiffany

I'm Here to Help You Succeed!

My name is David Alvas and I want to introduce you to Financial Fitness Focus. With my guidance and coaching, you can get out of debt, learn to budget, save, and develop a healthy relationship with money and good spending habits.

Why Trust Me?

I have always believed and something I have taught in all areas of my life that if you want to learn about discipline, you need to look to someone who has discipline.

Thanks to the martial arts training I have been involved in most of my life, discipline has always been a focus.

“Seeing it once is better than hearing about it a thousand times” is an old adage, but one that has an undeniable ring of truth. I believe that what makes me a great financial coach is discipline. A coach has to live the life they teach others.

I also discovered at a young age that I love teaching people and helping them to better their life. It is something that I have always got a real powerful reward from.

Thanks to my example, and the success of my martial arts schools, I got asked for advice and help with everything from money-saving tips and budgeting to planning and coaching to accountability. 

I was able to take people who were thousands of dollars in debt, help them and motivate them (because a large part of their success was down to the effort they put in) out of debt.

The interesting thing is those are the 6 Core Life Skills that we teach at my martial arts schools that I had been using. It takes courage, confidence, discipline, respect, and communication to build a healthy relationship with money.

Rather than just keeping those powerful secrets to myself, I wanted to share them with more people, because I genuinely get real joy out of it.

This is why I launched Financial Fitness Focus.

How Can You Benefit From My Coaching?

My personal finance coaching service can help you in a variety of different ways and help you not only meet the financial goals you may have or should have but your life goals too.

You will get:

Organizational Skills

I can help restore or create order (if it wasn’t there before) in your finances, by guiding you through organizing different areas of your finances like your debts, expenses, taxes, and investments to name a few.


To build discipline with money, you need accountability. I can give you the accountability your finances and life need and help you to stick to the commitments you make and take the right steps towards reaching your goals.


I can help to provide you with objectivity to ensure that you always make better decisions when it comes to money. I can give you an unemotional perspective on important events in your life while providing you the research to make truly informed decisions.


I will work alongside you and teach you how to better anticipate the various transitions that occur in life and play out your future goals while providing you with the steps you need to take to always be prepared financially.


You are not going to get very far without the right education. I can provide you with the knowledge you need to have success in any given situation while outlining your options and the associated risks.


The key to my services working is it being a partnership. I will work with you to identify the life you want to have, both in the present and in the future. I will then provide you with the partnership you need to guide you and make use of the financial resources available to you, to achieve that life.

Eliminated $10k in Debt and Bought the Home of Her DREAMS!

"Financial Fitness Focus has been a guiding light in helping me achieve financial freedom. As a divorced mom of two, I was over $10k in debt. My credit was poor due to the financial strain I was left in. I saw no way out of it. Around two years ago, my financial coach, David Alvas helped me come up with a plan to eliminate all of my debt and save money! My credit score rose to new heights and I was able to purchase the home of my dreams at the end of 2020!!! Now I am focusing on investing in my future. Financial Fitness Focus works!!"


After 3 years, we were able to get married with ZERO debt!

"Getting help from Financial Fitness Focus has been one of the best decisions of our lives! We had over $40,000 of combined debt in July of 2017. By October of 2019, we were 100% debt free! We were able to get married and pay for a wedding with ZERO debt in January of 2020. On top of that, we were able buy a home in February of 2020!

So in less than 3 years, we got rid of all of our debt, paid for a wedding, and bought a house!

Thank you Financial Fitness Focus! 🙏"

Hans & Shelby

We were lost and didn't know what direction to turn...

Working with Coach David has changed the way We think of money, how we budget, and our financial plans. Following the first couple of steps, my fiance and I have gone from having a lot of credit card debt to now reducing that amount by almost half in less than two months.

I wasn’t sure how we were going to free ourselves and our income from such debt but Coach David walks you through the steps and gives advice on how to plan for a better financial future. We have weekly meetings with David to keep us accountable which has helped us stay on track with our budget because we were always able to justify spending extra money during the weekends on food.

It’s not always easy and it’s not without sacrifice, but it is so worth it when you are not a slave to lenders. I’m so grateful to have Financial Fitness Focus for helping us in this path and walking us through every step.

Saved Tens of Thousands...

Working with David and FFF has been an amazing experience. His knowledge and insights saved me tens of thousands of dollars on a tricky business deal and I couldn’t be more grateful. Not only that, through his expertise he has helped me to save more money than I ever have before!

-Mario Cesario

An Elderly Parent's Medical Debt threatened to crush us...

Several years ago we reached out to David for some advice because our financial situation changed. The loss of a parent and major medical issues with the other parent led us to what seemed like overwhelming debt. We had always respected how he ran his business and even his personal finances. We weren't sure how to proceed and he offered to sit down with us, review our expenses and offer multiple options to relieve our debt and worry. He spoke to us directly and opened our eyes to a whole new world. We are grateful to him for his authentic desire to help us and he did that and so much more. We highly recommend David and are forever thankful.

- Heidi and Walter

Interested in Gaining Control Of Your Finances with Financial Fitness Focus?

Contact me today to find out more about my services and get the ball rolling. Initially, we will discuss what your financial goals are in life, what is going wrong, and then discuss an effective plan to help you achieve those goals. Let’s team up!